DM Employment Then and Now

Back in the day, if you had  a few year’s of direct marketing experience at companies like the Franklin Mint, Colonial Penn or TV Guide, your phone rang a lot when you weren’t even looking to make a move. The last time I had a real job, they paid me a signing bonus for a manager level position…like a pro athlete! That was then and this is now however and I haven’t heard a story like that recently.  However, things are looking up-per a new Q1 2012  survey 52% of companies responding said they plan to add to staff, with analytics at the the top of in-demand jobs  followed by marketing sales, creative and account services. Here’s a link with a summary of the survey. Tell us  your then and now employment story!

Steve Emory, DM Deja vu

President, Managing Partner EmoryDigital

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One Comment on “DM Employment Then and Now”

  1. I wish we could have those employment signing bonus days back Steve. I had forgotten that I actually did receive one signing bonus. Today I am just happy to see an increase in projected job opportunities than we saw 2008, 2009 and early in 2010.

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