Pinterest Driving More Traffic Than Google+

This is a perfect time for this author to post an example of   Retail experience with driving traffic then and now, given I had never heard of  until today!

This virtual pin board and social network for shoppers already ranks #5 ahead of Google+ and behind only Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo in driving referral to retail websites according to Experian Hitwise US.

Back in the day, our retail clients collected email addresses from the back of store-coupons or in fish bowls at the register and assumed permission to send newsletters and e-coupons to bring customers back to the store. Overnight, retailers discovered that e-mail was one of the most effective and cheapest ways to create a CRM program that had a significant impact on customer lifetime value. The problem with email is that the cost/benefit of driving new customers to web sites or stores doesn’t work.

Enter social media…where Facebook, twitter and others provide a forum for opinions and recommendations of customers to  like minded, non-customers that promote visits to new websites. A very large segment of consumers (Facebook alone has 800+Million members worldwide) now rely on peer groups’ comments,  opinions and recommendations before they visit a retail website. Pinterest is just the latest in what is sure to be a fast changing landscape of social networking sites that continue to influence the way online marketers develop new marketing strategies to attract and acquire new customers . More on Pinterest here…

Steve Emory, co-author DM Deja vu

President, Managing Partner Emory Digital

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One Comment on “Pinterest Driving More Traffic Than Google+”

  1. I had never heard of Pinterest before reading this post. The very next day after reading this, I saw a facebook post from my nephew’s girlfriend relating how she learned of something she bought from Pinterest. I was amazed to see that the network grew by fourfold in the September to December Christmas shopping season!

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