3 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business

The value of Mobile Marketing is like real estate’s value-it’s all about location, location, location. You need to  deliver your company’s Ad or text message at the right time and place on the right device in the right  format.

“Mobile” today is more about just the cell phone. I admit that I pay for my Starbucks, redeem coupons and check the prices and ingredients of food in the market with a quick scan of my iphone. But mobile also means jumping from a desktop to a laptop, mobile phone or Tablet on the go to get our news, sports, entertainment, social and ad messages.

Here are 3 Tips for you to succeed in this environment by being aware of current trends happening now:

1. Get Permission to communicate via mobile telephone  number

It may seem obvious now but take a look at what information you capture online and at the point of sale. Then be sure to get permission from customers and prospects to communicate with them via their mobile devices. You can still place display ads on mobile ad networks but if you don’t have a cellular phone number  “list” you can’t establish a real-time dialog with customers on their preferred mobile device to keep them coming back for more.

Capturing  mobile phone numbers use to be a major hurdle but has become a standard business practice that is acceptable to most consumers. In 2012 it is equally as important as capturing postal address, home or business phone number and email.

2. Re-purpose your Creative for different mobile devices.

We all imagine our prospects surfing the Web or glancing at email messages on a 20 inch + work monitor. But imagine that same prospect in the airport with a 9 inch notebook computer or  scrolling through emails on a BlackBerry during a particularly boring meeting. Your ads don’t even show up or the headlines have disappeared off the edge of the screen.

When marketing to consumers at home, you may imagine your ads on the family computer. But more hours are being spent on Facebook or an iPhone during work hours checking personal messages on Gmail. They may be tweeting in front of the TV — and checking your website after seeing your commercial.

Mobile marketing is not about a platform or list of devices- it’s the way people are consuming your messages. Mobile does everything your laptop and desktop can do — and more — including including SMS, MMS, email, voice, Internet, the mobile web, Bluetooth and apps.

Explore available software tools and platforms that easily convert web pages to mobile compatible formats-some are free.

3. Know that your customers have a personal relationship with their mobile devices

Mobile adds new life to the one-to-one relationship between a brand and its customers with more customization possibilities, as well as more opportunities for customer feedback and conversations. With mobile options customers have a greater role in deciding how and when to interact with your company, leading to higher customer satisfaction with your brand.

Right now, texting and mobile web browsing are the top two activities on mobile devices. Email is in third place.

Now is the time for you to consider the opportunities for your company’s mobile advertising.

Steve Emory,

President, Managing Partner Emory Digital

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One Comment on “3 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business”

  1. I agree Steve, mobile is where it is at!
    I couldn’t believe that already 9% of all Internet hits are coming from mobile devices and is expected to double by year end. I am urging all my clients to make creating a mobile version of their site priority #1 in 2012.

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