Budget Your Social Media Time

Are you spending too much of your time on social media?

I am amazed at the people I know that constantly send or post messages during times that they are working as full-time employees. Surely, this a form of Russian roulette that will likely end at some point when their employer decides that their distraction with a social media obsession is interfering with achieving company objectives.

As a freelance Copywriter and Marketing Strategist, my income is directly determined by the percentage of client billable hours. At the end of the week I don’t want to feel like the attorney who can’t figure out where ten hours of my time went.

I believe social media is important as evidenced by the fact that I have built 600+ links on LinkedIn, 600 + links on Twitter, 500+ links on Facebook and 500 + links on Goodreads. On the other hand, I realize that my overall personal  goal should be to spend 80% of my work time on billable client projects, 10% on social media, and 10% to grow both groups. I therefore try to be disciplined about budgeting my social media time accordingly as follows:

LinkedIn 30 minutes a week

Twitter 60 minutes a week

Facebook 90 minutes a week

Goodreads 60 minutes a week

Blogs 120 minutes a week

I will be the first to admit that budgeting your time has never been easy. It becomes even more difficult as you networks grow. The dilemma is even further exacerbated with new entries to the social community field like Piniterest and Google + and whatever comes next.

The most important point is to be sensible about the time you spend communicating in the cloud and don’t let it consume you.

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    This is a great article, thanks for the post.

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