Google’s Unnatural Link Algorithm May Affect Your Website

Google’s latest algorithm  simply called “The Unnatural Link” update will have more impact on SEO best practices than any previous change of the last 8 years according to the latest buzz from SEO’ers and Google employees themselves.

Unlike the  most recent “Panda” update  that was designed to reduce visitors to sites deemed by Google as having low quality content, Unnatural Link penalizes sites (and their Organic search listings) based solely on a less than perfect linking strategy which includes just about all websites…

Google actually sent unnatural link notices to over 1 million websites letting them know that their SEO rankings may be adversely affected. So what does Google consider  out of favor as an “unnatural link” and in as a best practice?

Below is a summary of what I was able to cull from all of the the industry press, dialog with clients  and from our own SEO resource partner as a guide to what you should or should not do with your Website  SEO initiatives effective immediately:

OUT for SEO going forward-Commercial link networks like Build My Rank, Diamond Links and others, Agency link networks, sidebar links, overuse of anchor text, and collateral damage from legitimate links on your site that have since been sold and posted to unrelated sites.

IN  SEO  Best Practices-relevant links related to your product, service and industry, Social media, Blogs, online videos, Press releases,  local listings, fresh & relevant content and paid search (why do you think Google is making this change?)

SEO & Search Merge in 2012

Since Google has asked people to clean up their links, now is the time to find and hire a reputable Internet  marketing company who specializes in the integration of SEO with all of the online methods listed above that are IN.

Remember that SEO is a marathon not a sprint,  so any links that you have that got your website ranked high in the organic listings fast are likely to be lost as a result of the unnatural update.

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President, Managing Partner Emory Digital

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