Fire A Client Today!

I took me a good ten years in business to muster the courage to fire my first client.

Since I am not Donald Trump, my early reluctance was based on a modest bank account, coupled with the lack of confidence that I would be able to replace them with a better client.

I am quite sure if you examine your customer list you can identify a few who are exceptionally demanding of your time, are very slow to pay for your service, who undervalue your contribution and are constantly looking for a discount. I have found that 10% of my worst clients (call them the bottom feeders) take up to 50% of my time and provide me with less than 2% of my professional satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.

Over the last twenty years, as I have gained experience and built a reputation for delivering what I promise most of the time, I have also grown more comfortable with the concept of eliminating and replacing one client a quarter. Since I make my living as a Marketing Consultant and Copywriter, time is my only asset. Spending half my time with a few unrewarding customers keeps me from working on the projects I want to work on with the customers who actually “get it.”

 Eliminating a client does not have to be as scary as it sounds. An approach like, “I just don’t feel we are a good fit” or, “I find myself with too many commitments and I feel you will be better served with a fresh perspective and a different direction.”  

 When I eliminate the unrewarding few and invest the same 10% of my time continuously searching for the next great client(s), my prospect pipeline is bountiful and I  appreciably increase my chances of being professionally and financially rewarded.

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2 Comments on “Fire A Client Today!”

  1. Yep just “dismissed” one of mine….it was OK. No more heart palpitations!

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