About DM Deja vu

DM Deja vu is the brainchild and collaboration of Steve O’Driscoll and Steve Emory. Our mission is to engage in open dialog with sales and marketing professionals to remember the best of direct marketing, and compare it to its various forms of reincarnation into digital, interactive and social marketing .

Both Steve’s are career direct and digital marketers, born and bred in the Philadelphia area-some say the “home” of direct marketing given the invention of the post office by Benjamin Franklin.

Check out our respective cred’s if you have time to burn, but mostly just join the dialog and have fun at DM deja vu!

Yours truly,

Steve O of SteveOMarketing and Steve E of EmoryDigital

DM Deja vu, the Blog


4 Comments on “About DM Deja vu”

  1. Steve Emory Says:

    Hello Blogg readers!

    Today on Black Wednesday, Steve O’Driscoll and Steve Emory launched a new Blogg
    called “DM Deja vu”. Our mission is 3-fold:

    1. Remember and tell stories of how DM (aka direct marketing) used to be
    2. Share how advertising & marketing back in the day would be different today
    3. Make observations, voice our opinions and get your feedback

    Let’s roll!

    Steve and Steve

  2. amanda o Says:

    Marketing back in the day was technically and physically simpler. There was hard direct paper advertising. Today’s marketing is difficult due to the vast mediums available and the limited dollars in this soft economy. It’s further complicated in the law profession by a ton of rules….quite a sea to wade…

    • emorydigital Says:

      Amanda-thanks for joining the discussion. Have you looked into SEO? Lots of law firms that advertise today use Search Engine Optimization which can be micro-targeted to local markets (just like direct mail) AND with consumer or business permission-because they are already searching online for local legal services like yours. SEO is an amazing online advertising value and very cost effective if your website is an integral part of your plans for generating leads for your business.
      Steve Emory

      • amanda o Says:

        I’m sure I’ve been advised to look into…I will definitely do so.

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